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Black Drop Studio is a private art instruction studio in Benicia, California. I offer beginning and intermediate art classes for children, teens, and adults.


Why the name Black Drop? It’s a reference to that first drop of ink that falls to the paper. It’s the expectation, the held breath, the moment before action. It’s the acceptance and activation of your own personal artistic potential and vision.


I currently teach the following drawing classes. Please contact me for more information or if you have questions.

Learning to See

Learn the fundamentals of observational drawing to bolster your confidence so that you won't be so afraid to pick up a pencil when you have the urge. Explore drawing using different media.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

Draw comics and make artwork with the purpose of creating graphic novels. Develop your own character for a short comic or longer graphic narrative.

Traditional Figure Drawing

Learn to hone your observational skills as well as your ability to execute a confident figure drawing. There is no substitute for working from a live model.​

My approach to teaching is heuristic: learning through discovery, or problem-solving through process. I teach at different locations as well as privately from my own studio.

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